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I started Forgotten Boundaries as a space to share stories about being on the road in my beloved van Van-essa. I want to share with you my honest insights into all the lessons and learning curves that come with being a single female travelling with her dog Buster. We're living the surf-rat lifestyle, but neither of us surf. We enjoy volunteering at yoga retreats and various other rewarding projects. We also travel around and set up our stall at European festivals to sell our handmade products. 



"Why Forgotten Boundaries?" Well, I've been hot footing it around this universe for a few years now. Following the rules and conforming with the boundaries placed upon us by society, doesn't really work for me. I've chosen to forget what most people see as 'normal' and live by my own set of rules.


Like most of us, I am constantly evolving and changing my plans and goals. I believe in chasing one's true destiny and I've been lucky enough to both recognise and had the ability to say "Yes", to some of the most exciting and valuable experiences offered to me. 


I'm now inviting you to join me in living a more enlightened, healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Seeing the world vicariously through my eyes and learning and laughing through my words.






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My mission is to live a positive and self-sufficient life in my van. I'm living life freely and reducing my footprint, whilst creating and sharing magical moments on the road.

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